Association Structure

Management Committee 2014/15

  • Chair: Maureen Betts
  • Treasurer: Colin St Johnston
  • Vice Chair: Valerie St Johnston
  • Members: Dick Bird OBE, Cllr Patricia Callaghan, Marcela Cuneo, Claire Daglish, Alice Gray, Susan Hadley, Sophie Levi, Doro Marden, Jason Pittock, Stephen Vieira.
  • Co-opted members: Cllr Lazzaro Pietragnoli, Chair of Primrose Hill Community Library: Marijke Good, Phil Cowan.

Legal Advisor/Lease Committee

  • Francis Katz, Maureen Betts, Dick Bird,
  • Colin St Johnston, Mick Hudspeth

Website Advisors

  • Jason Pittock
  • Stephen Viera

Social Media Advisors

  • Jason Pittock, Leanne Roche

Bar Advisors

  • Claire Daglish
  • Jack Eden
  • + Volunteers

Publicity Distribution

  • Phil Reavey
  • Cathy Adams
  • + circa 9 volunteers

Boules Club

  • Phil Reavey

On the Hill Magazine

  • Chair: Janet Reuben
  • Members: Dick Bird, Phil Cowan
  • John Duggan, Doro Marden,
  • Jason Pittock, Sophie Smith

Lunch Club

  • Purchasing: Stephen Vieira
  • + circa 15 volunteers

Events Committee

  • Maureen Betts, Mick Hudspeth
  • + others for specific events

Finance/Business Committee

  • Colin St Johnston, Lucy Cottrell,
  • Dick Bird, Mick Hudspeth