Events Committee

The PHCA Events Committee was formed in May 2018 to help increase the number and scope of events the Community Association is able to run.

Membership consists (alphabetically) with a Chair to be determined at the next meeting in June.

Anitha Selvarajah
David Goodman
Dorothy Stedman
Eileen Sheehan
Eveline Ud Maat
Hazel Summerfield
Jason Pittock
Jean Christophe Slowik (JC)
Jim Mulligan
John Nutt
Judy Hillman
Lorna Bladen
Marcela Cuneo
Mike O’Hara
Nada Nutt
Nilda Resano
Ofelia Cadavid
Pam White
Petar Savic
Sharon Fidsdale
Susan Hadley
Tim Kirkpatrick
Una Doyle
Vicki Hillyard
Vito de Bellis