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  • New Elizabethans with Andrew Marr
    Andrew Marr will be talking about his fascinating latest book, New Elizabethans. Telling the story of the changes to UK society in the last 70 years through individuals who made an impact.
  • Community Centre Closure – Jan 2021
    Primrose Hill Community Centre will be closed until further notice due to the new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and subsequent rapid rise in cases of the virus across London.  Our nursery will remain open as will Narcotics Anonymous and our Neighbourhood Nosh food project (and temporary foodbank provision) but all other activities will stop.  We
  • Neighbourhood Nosh New Years Eve
    Thursday 31 December, 11 – 12:45 The Primrose Hill Community Association is giving away bags of basic food and treats for children, including books, tomorrow, 31 December, and on Thursday 7 January between 11 and 12.45am. There will also be free, new, childrens books. This is while the Chalk Farm food bank is closed over
  • Food Giveaway on Xmas Eve
    We have collected so very much food from local shops for Neighbourhood Nosh that we have some to give away. Anyone who needs food should either come for fresh food outside the community centre or for a full food package on Thursday 24 December between 11.00 am and 12.45 pm. You can find us at
  • A Christmas Drink with the Neighbours video
    Thank you to everyone that helped put this event on, our volunteers, guests and hosts. You can also see photos from the event here. Donate The Primrose Hill Community Association runs, as a charity, a number of initiatives and events to enhance the community. If you have enjoyed any of our events and would like
  • Alice’s Mulled Wine
    Local volunteer Alice’s recipe for mulled wine, ready for the Primrose Hill Christmas Drink with the Neighbours (online) Ingredients 1 x 750ml bottle medium-bodied red wine 300ml water 6 cubes sugar (or 6 heaped tsp) 1 orange – sliced 3-4 whole cloves (if you want to experiment with more spices, add a star anise and/or
  • A Christmas Drink with the Neighbours – 15th December
    Online on 15 December 7.30-9.30pm An online opportunity for us to gather and enjoy some Christmas cheer. The Primrose Hill Choir will sing carols (and we’ll provide a hymn sheet so you can sing along at home). There will also be contributions from: Alan Bennett Annabel Leventon Layla Brown and friends Mary Portas Matthew Wright Roberta
  • Christmas Neighbourhood Nosh Appeal
    Neighbours helping neighbours Primrose Hill Community Association is offering food parcels of basic provisions plus treats over the holidays (18, 24th, 31 December, and 7 January) when our local foodbank is closed and children are not getting free school meals. We need Pasta Pasta sauce Rice Tinned tomatoes and soup Tinned beans, chick peas, lentils
  • PHCA AGM – 28 January 2021
    A date to put in your diary, the PHCA Virtual Annual General Meeting – 28th January 2021 at 7pm. Find out how we have been working during the pandemic and how we have adapted during this time. The evening will involve electing Trustees to Primrose Hill Community Association, who are then tasked with ensuring the
  • Neighbourhood Nosh
    Neighbourhood Nosh Primrose Hill’s Neighbourhood Nosh aims are: To improve the diet of people who find it hard to cook from scratch with fresh food To serve those in food poverty  To give people really tasty plant-based meals, moving away from a meat centred diet To give some ideas for good food on a budget
  • Reverse Advent Hamper
    Give back this Christmas. Put an item an day in a hamper (or box) over the month of November to give to a family at our local Foodbank for Christmas. Chalk Farm Foodbank RCLC/O Chalk Farm Baptist ChurchBerkley RoadEglon MewsNW1 8YS [map] More details can be found here. Last Updated on 11th November 2020 by
  • William Blake and Primrose Hill
    Wednesday, 25 November 7pm to 8pm “William Blake and Primrose Hill” An Illustrated presentation. “I have conversed with the Spiritual Sun – I saw him on Primrose Hill” WILLIAM BLAKE On the occasion of Blake’s birthday on the 28 November the talk explores Poet, Artist and Prophet William Blake’s connection to and the role he envisioned for Primrose Hill
  • Community Centre Update
    Unfortunately, just as we started getting back in the swing of things, another lockdown has been imposed. We will therefore be closing our doors again temporarily from Thursday 5th November, apart from to the permitted activities such as our nursery. We will follow all guidelines, and hope to re-open more fully from 3rd December. Last
  • Weekly Walk in Primrose Hill
    Every Wednesday at 10.30am. Meet inside Primrose Hill park gates at the entrance where Regent’s Park Road meets Primrose Hill Road. Walking in pairs to comply with guidelines. Get in touch here Last Updated on 10th November 2020 by Mick Hudspeth
  • Pauline Baines Obituary
    She was a stalwart! She came to Advanced French till a few years ago when only a fracture and the impossibility of leaving her lovely top floor flat made it a step too far. With the French group she read her way through Proust and was in her nineties part of a celebratory expedition to
  • Chair Yoga for All
    Last Updated on 24th October 2020 by Jason
  • French Lessons for Children with Club Petit Pierrot
    Last Updated on 24th October 2020 by Jason
  • Food Projects
    We have lots of food ideas to make use of our shiny new kitchen until a time when we might open as a cafe. If you would like to be involved in progressing some of these projects then please get in touch here. Some of the ideas include linking in with the foodbank to provide
  • A message from the Events Committee
    It’s not an easy time to be an Events organiser at the moment with our chances to come together in numbers so circumscribed. We have had to postpone our planned September Fashion Show in partnership with Mary’s Living and Giving, and probably our autumn Village Disco in November.  The View from the Hill However, we
  • Julie has left the building
    We wish to thank Julie Stapleton for all her hard work for Primrose Hill Community Association over the last 4 years. Because of Covid, we had to reduce Julie’s hours, which didn’t work for her, so she took redundancy instead. Julie leaves with our very best wishes and she will be missed. Last Updated on
  • Primrose Hill Library set to re-open 24 August for trial period
    Primrose Hill Community Library will be re-opening on 24th August 2020. The hours will be: Monday 24th     11.00 – 13.00 Wednesday 26th     13.00 – 15.00 Friday 28th        11.00 – 13.00 This will be a trial period this will be for new book loans and returns of previous book loans only. Visitors are expected on
  • Art Trail Photos
    You can see photos from the Primrose Hill Art Trail here Last Updated on 5th August 2020 by Jason
  • Primrose Hill ASB Meeting
    On Wednesday 5th August at 6.30pm there will be a public meeting on Zoom to discuss ASB (noise, drugs, toilets etc). There will be representatives from the Met Police, Parks Police and the Park Manager to answer questions. Our local councillors will also be there. It will be hosted by PHCA. Leave your details below
  • Short Story Competition
    Our community magazine, On The Hill, is running a short story competition for all age groups. Winners will get a £20 book voucher for Primrose Hill books. Deadline 31 July. More information and how to enter the competition here… Last Updated on 6th July 2020 by Mick Hudspeth
  • Re-opening of Community Centre
    The Community Centre and Community Library have furloughed all staff except Mick, who is keeping things on track. We are gradually starting to re-open this month, which is very refreshing to have people at the Centre again.  Because of the coronavirus, we have introduced a new policy, which expects all user groups of the centre,
  • Community Centre Improvements
    While the Centre has been closed to the public, we have taken the opportunity to carry out improvements to enhance the building for its users. These include new kitchen facilities and new solid oak flooring on the mezzanine floor. The kitchen was donated by Roundhouse Kitchens and a local resident, which was a huge help
  • Covid-19 Survey
    Healthwatch Camden have a survey out which aims to gather resident experience of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are interested to know how people are getting Covid-19 related information, how health and care services have changed since the outbreak, and how it is affecting health and wellbeing. They want to hear from a diverse group of
  • Hillview Mast Planning Application
    Planning Application – 2020/0989/P I hope you are all well. This is not the most important issue in these challenging times but it concerns a lot of people living in this area and regular users of Primrose Hill Park.  You will recall that back in January we became aware of an intended planning application to install a mass
  • Get help if you’re staying at home because of coronavirus
    Get help if you’re staying at home because of coronavirus from Camden Council. Use this service to find volunteer groups and other services in your local area who can help you cope Last Updated on 26th March 2020 by Jason
  • Primrose Hill United We Live, United We Are One Community Group
    We are sharing a link to a new Facebook group aimed at helping the local Primrose Hill Community, including its local businesses This group isn’t affiliated with the Primrose Hill Community Association but we think it’s doing a good job. See also Primrose Hill Online article from our On The Hill community magazine Last

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