On The Hill Magazine

‘On the Hill’ magazine – This is our latest big venture, a stylish magazine dedicated to what’s going on locally, print run of 7500 hand delivered to everyone in Primrose Hill. A volunteer summed it up as such: For some time the Community Association has been working on a project to launch an information, news and views magazine as a service to the wider community.

The first edition of On The Hill will launch in mid-October with the November issue. Copies will be free, paid for by advertising, and distributed to every household by hand, with five additional pick-up points for visitors. There will be 10 issues per year, printed in A4 full colour.

The team of local volunteers who are working on the project include Maggie Chambers (Editor), Dick Bird, Phil Cowan, Doro Marden, Jason Pittock among many others. The objective is obviously not to duplicate existing e-newsletters and members information schemes, which we imagine and hope will continue, but to give you and all the other organisations in the neighbourhood a vehicle to reach out to all those who aren’t yet in touch, and often don’t know what is going on.

You can visit the magazine website here http://onthehill.info/