Security in Primrose Hill

Jonathan Harris, who initiated the Primrose Hill Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, shares some useful tips from his meeting with a local residents group and Met Police officers…

Dear Residents,

Last week I was kindly invited to a security meeting in Chalcot Square with the residents and neighbours group The Friends of Chalcot Square. They have kindly shared this information and wish for it to be sent out to the wider neighbourhood.

The meeting was also attended by three members of The Met Police Team to listen to concerns and provide information. Please see attached the meeting notes. Below is the advice provided by Jim Cope, as senior Met Police officer.

“Please find below links to various websites which reinforces some of the things I mentioned and others that might be beneficial depending on peoples personnel circumstances.

Home Security

The ‘Secured by Design’ website contains a list of member companies that supply various products that meet all the police preferred specifications. There are a number of guides which detail the best way to secure any location, but the most pertinent will be ‘Homes 2019’ which covers not only physical security but environmental design. 


Vehicle Crime

The most important thing with cycle crime is to register the bike with as this will be the first point of call for any bike that police are dealing with. We have loads in the back yards of police stations as we are unable to find an owner as it is not registered.


Cyber Crime

This is becoming more common for small businesses and households so this link gives some advice around protecting yourself and being aware of suspicious emails etc 

With regards CCTV… I cannot find the name of the person in charge of ‘Community Safety’ for Camden I am afraid, but email [email protected] who may be able to assist. I would certainly approach your local councillor if you are wishing to have CCTV in the area and can discuss with them the feasibility of this being implemented.

Please pass this onto any residents who you feel will benefit from it and if they need any further help or assistance then I will be more than happy to be contacted. 

Kind regards

Last Updated on 1st December 2019 by Jason