Neighbourhood Nosh

Neighbourhood Nosh

Neighbourhood Nosh
  • Primrose Hill’s Neighbourhood Nosh aims are:
  • To improve the diet of people who find it hard to cook from scratch with fresh food
  • To serve those in food poverty 
  • To give people really tasty plant-based meals, moving away from a meat centred diet
  • To give some ideas for good food on a budget
  • To make constructive use of excess food and produce donated by local shops and businesses
  • To bring the community together by using volunteers and helping them to learn new skills

Neighbourhood Nosh started on 12 November and is delivering or giving out meals every Thursday between 11 and 12.45.

JC, ex of L’Absinthe, is our volunteer chef, cooking delicious meals with food that has been donated by many local businesses.

Christmas Neighbourhood Nosh Appeal

To offer food, skills and time please email us on [email protected]

To donate money

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