Primrose Hill Community Library

Camden Council closed Chalk Farm Library in April 2012, as part of widespread cuts. Thanks to a massive show of local support, both in terms of financial donations and of offers to volunteer time, the library was able to re-open as Primrose Hill Community Library (“PHCL”) in mid 2012. The Library has its own Board but ultimately sits Primrose Hill Community Community Association.

The library is open four days a week as a lending library (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday); on the other three days, it will be available for commercial hire/community events.

Their five guiding principles of the Library are:

  1. We will be a library
  2. We will be a community space
  3. We will be an inclusive space
  4. We will consult as widely as we can with the community
  5. We will develop, adapt and change in response to community feedback
Vist the library website

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