Biodiversity Resources List


Friends of the Earth (almost) free Bee Saver Kit
(information on how to make bumblebee home from an inverted flower pot and a length of hose, plus much more)

For a genuinely pigeon/squirrel proof feeder

Lots of suggestions for avoiding pigeons – including putting a planted up pot underneath to catch the debris which attracts them
Recommendation for cats – bells, high protein diet, keeping indoors early morning and evening


They cover newts and toads as well and have a pdf on ponds: ‘Just Add Water’

General Gardening

what is happening to front and back gardens in London

London’s food growing network – info and courses[1].pdf

Natural England has lots of info on encouraging wildlife
supplier recommended by Catherine Horwood


Giveaway of trees – more available soon at the new Think and Do site 19 Highgate Road, email to ask for one.

Japanese method of planting trees in mini forests, one planted recently on Thames Water land in Highgate.

Camden Trees link (

Seeds (economical seed mixes)


Dave Goulson – The Garden Jungle or Gardening to Save the Planet (Sunday Times bestseller)
Jane Moore – Planting for Butterflies
Jean Vernon – The Secret Lives of Garden Bees
Kate Bradbury – Wildlife Gardening for everyone and everything
Anna Locke – The Foragers’ Garden – Grow an Edible Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard
Catherine Horwood – Potted History – How House Plants Took over our Homes

Camden Biodiversity Strategy

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