The Primrose Hill Community Association was formed in 1980 useful and inclusive activities and services for local residents, to forge a sense of community and to ensure the interests of the community are protected.

We rely heavily on volunteers, but we pay for a full-time manager and a part-time administrator to handle the day to day running of the Centre and the associated activities.

We currently offer many low or no-cost activities at the centre, this is balanced by renting out space to private tutors to run classes to generate income. We hold many community events such as our Summer Fair and have turned to running online events and activities during the pandemic.  We also run a lunch club for older people at Oldfield sheltered accommodation twice a week. 


During Covid times this is not possible so instead have set up another food project – Neighbourhood Nosh, to make free fresh soup and a sandwich for  people in need in our community.  We  also have responsibility for running Primrose Hill Community Library, which has turned into a real success story.

How to Donate


Donate to Primrose Hill Community Association via our Totalgiving page

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Mick Hudspeth (PHCA CEO)
Primrose Hill Community Centre,
29 Hopkinsons Place,
London, NW1 8TN

If you wish to increase an existing standing order use this form:

If you have any questions please contact Mick Hudspeth at or call 020 7586 8327

Gift Aid

Gift Aid can be reclaimed on gifts from donors who are taxpayers.  The basic rate of 20% tax can be reclaimed on the gross amount of the donations before tax was deducted, so a gift of £100 is worth £125 to the Library.  Higher rate taxpayers can reclaim the difference between what they have paid in tax at 40% or 50% rates and the basic rate of 20% on the total gross value of their donation.

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