Conditions of Hire

1. Booking Arrangements

1.1 No booking is valid without a completed contract (the Booking Form duly signed) and full payment of the fee and deposit. The separate returnable deposit of £50 is required to confirm the booking, and full payment will be required at least 2 weeks before the date of hire.

1.2 The deposit of £50 (which is required in addition to the hiring fee), will be returned in full after the event unless deductions have to be made for any breach of these conditions. Any deductions required will be explained by the Centre Manager.

1.3 The Centre will provide a written confirmation of your booking on receipt of deposit and provide details of the keyholder opening and closing your hall.

2. Access and Departure

2.1 The starting and finishing times of the period of hire must be strictly adhered to: the keyholder has no authority to vary these. Halls will usually be opened 10 minutes before hiring start time and closed 5 minutes afterwards.

2.2 The time needed for preparation and setting-up and for cleaning and putting-away must be included in the period of hire.

2.3 The Centre, including its forecourt and access, must be vacated quietly and promptly at the end of the period of hire.

2.4 The accommodation hired must be left clean and tidy and ready for the next occupant.

2.5 All furniture and equipment must be returned to its original place; tables cleaned and folded, and chairs stacked.

2.6 Rubbish must be bagged, tied and put in the refuse room, which as you cross the courtyard to leave, is the last louvre door on the right. If this is locked leave bags on the platform.

3. Using the Centre

3.1 In the interests of local residents, no PA systems or amplifiers can normally be used in hire, and we cannot host discos. Money is likely to be deducted from deposit if we receive complaints of noise nuisance. Please make childrens’ entertainers aware of this.

3.2 Our insurance does not allow the use of bouncy castles in the Centre.

3.3 In the interests of fire safety, helium or other gas cylinders and stand-alone candles cannot be brought into the Halls.

3.4 The outside area is not included in the hire, and is available for access only.

3.5 All safety requirements, as displayed in the Centre, must be met.

3.6 When there are small children present the Upper Hall windows must open on hooks.

3.7 Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

3.8 Unless being used by an authorised adult the stair-lift should not be touched.

3.9 All property is left in the building at your own risk.

3.10 Balloons – Very Important
Helium balloons left in the Centre rise to the ceilings which are very high in places.
If left there they eventually drift down and trigger the intruder alarm. The call-out fee is £100 and if this happens this charge will be passed on to the hirer.

4. Consideration of People and Property

4.1 No vehicles can be parked in Hopkinsons Place at any time.

4.2 There must be no cause for complaint from nearby residents, other users of the Centre or its staff; please treat them with respect at all times.

4.3 Any loss or damage incurred by the Centre as a result of the hire must be fully recompensed.

4.4 The building must not be left unoccupied and unlocked during the period of hire or at its end—please contact the keyholder if they have not arrived by the end of your hire.

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