Mah Jong

Anyone for Mah Jong? Winds, dragons, characters, bamboos, wheels, the great wall of China and everything ruled by The Great East Wind.  

Anyone got a Mah Jong set sitting on the shelf or at the back of a drawer? Anyone played as a child and not touched it since? Anyone interested in picking up the game again or learning from scratch? 

Mah Jong is played by four people using beautiful tiles made of bone and bamboo. When you look at the rules it seems fiendishly complicated but I can guarantee I will have you playing inside an hour. After that you will soon work out the strategies. 

When lock-down is over and The Centre is open for business and if there is a spare slot in the programme schedule, I would like to have a go at starting a Mah Jong group. 

If you are interested let me know 

Last Updated on 26th March 2021 by Mick Hudspeth