Neighbourhood Nosh Lead Cook Volunteer

Purpose: to organise and cook for some 50 to 100 people once a week from donated food


  • creating soups and deserts mostly from donated food
  • directing the assistant cooks in prepping and helping
  • complying with Health & Safety requirements as already devised for this operation

Time: from 9.30 to lunchtime on a Wednesday as part of a rota and at times for meetings and coordinating purposes, either online or in person.

Skills/attributes needed:

  • Cooking & kitchen skills and experience in a professional environment
  • Ingenuity in plant-based cooking
  • Level 2 or 3 hygiene [online] training
  • Based locally

What you would gain:

  • Opportunity to hone cooking skills and to invent new recipes
  • Connection with the local community
  • Joining the team of committed volunteer organisers of Neighbourhood Nosh

Reporting to the Neighbourhood Nosh Volunteer Core Group

Last Updated on 31st January 2022 by Jason