Social Media Volunteer

The Primrose Hill Community Association (PHCA) has existed for 43 years, promoting the wellbeing of Primrose Hill people through activities for all ages at the community centre in Hopkinson’s Place. The Primrose Hill Community Library was saved from closure in 2012 and continues to be run by the Community Association. The association also runs the Neighbourhood Nosh project, feeding people in need in our community, organises a summer fair in Chalcot Square, runs events and online events and publishes a magazine On The Hill.

Social Media Manager Volunteer Job Description

Aim: To promote classes and events organised by Primrose Hill Community Association. To raise the profile of the community association locally.

To process information about activities/events at PHCA in order to:

  • update the PHCA Facebook page at least once a week
  • create a twitter account and manage tweets
  • use Hootsuite to schedule social media
  • keep up to date with other social media trends which could be useful to PHCA

Variable, an hour or so a week, maybe more when a big event is coming up and less in holidays

Skills/attributes needed:

  • Knowledge and experience of social media
  • Interest in community activities
  • Writing in an appropriate way for social media
  • Able to relate to a wide range of people

What you would gain:
Knowledge of what is going on locally

Why we need this
Younger people communicate in different ways to our old print-based methods, and we need to be in contact with all ages.

Reporting to:
Chief Executive: Mick Hudspeth

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