Donate your unwanted presents

As we settle into 2024, all the festive decorations have been put away and Christmas seems like a distant memory, there are always a few left over bits and bobs to remind us that we are done with over indulging for a while!

Have you got any bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates or unwanted gifts left that you just can’t face or find a home for? Here at the Community Centre we love unwanted and unloved items!

We have events throughout the year, and are always in need of prizes! One thing we do is create hampers! We have made lots over the years. So don’t worry if you just have a bubble bath, or a box of biscuits or a single bottle of something. It doesn’t take much to create a fabulous hamper that saves the Centre expense, but is still a fantastic gift/prize for someone at one of our events/fundraisers.

Your responses in the past few years have been fantastic! We really appreciate anything you can spare. Have a think? Circulate this to friends and neighbours?

Thanks in advance for any donations. Please drop them off during our opening hours.