Feldenkrais with Ana

Feldenkrais with Ana


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Primrose Hill Community Centre
Primrose Hill Community Centre, 29 Hopkinson's Place, London, NW1 8TN

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Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Monthly 2-hour themed sessions

– – – MOVE through life more EASILY – – –

Series of 4 workshops:

– attend any or all –

Sat 27 April 12.45-2.45pm

Sun 12 May 1.30-3.30pm – International Feldenkrais Awareness Week (pay £10 or less)
Sat 18 May 12.45-2.45pm

Sat 1 June 10.30-12.30


Join the workshops that celebrate transitions and moving through life more easily.

Enjoy the process of learning through movement – make the impossible POSSIBLE, the possible EASY, and the easy ELEGANT.

The series of four workshops, over five weeks, explores the theme of TRANSITIONS ,
which is the theme of this year’s International Feldenkrais Awareness Week (IFW) 6-13 May.

There are many ways in which we transition from one state to another – in physical movement, in our emotions, in the way we see and understand things, in our health and stage of life, in our self-image, and more…

Whether you are a seasoned Feldenkrais lover or completely new to Feldenkrais, these workshops will be appropriate for you. Each workshop can be a stand-alone experience, but if you attend all, they will build and interact in an organic, and functionally relevant way.

We will explore lessons that involve transitions from one position to another, from the floor up, with the emphasis on the process, on HOW we get from one point to another in space. Workshops will offer some important insights about the functional movement, our posture, and how movement and posture are assembled, via our experience through the process of learning.

By engaging with movement in an attentive, mindful way, you will discover new possibilities for yourself and learn to use yourself more effectively, with more ease, elegance, skill and power.

Broadly beneficial and appropriate for people of all ages, interests and abilities.


This year we celebrate the 120th birthday of Dr Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984). With his immense body of invaluable work, he anticipated nearly all the current research on neuroplasticity by demonstrating that we can change, learn and develop across our entire life span.


Join the workshops and enjoy the process of learning through movement.
Make the impossible POSSIBLE, the possible EASY, and the easy ELEGANT.


Wear comfortable layered clothing. Please bring your own floor mat to lie on if you can (some mats will be provided if you do not bring yours).


£25 per session.

Special price – donation £10 or less for the session on Sunday 12 May.



For further details and to book your space, please go to www.feldenkraiswithana.com, or contact Ana at feldenkraiswithana@gmail.com.


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Everyone welcome. Join & Enjoy!


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