Qi Gong – Free class

Qi Gong - Free class


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Primrose Hill Community Centre
Primrose Hill Community Centre, 29 Hopkinson's Place, London, NW1 8TN

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From 14th May 2024 for three Tuesdays @ 5pm (free 1 hour classes) with Dan & Isabelle

Introduction to mindful movement & conscious breathing: Chi Kung (Qi Gong) for health, harmony, balance and well-being. Discover how Chi Kung may safely and effectively improve and safeguard your: resilience, health, balance and emotional and physical well-being for mind, body and spirit. The ‘lung’ or speediness in our body is replaced with ‘sung’, a relaxed yet awake and embodied state.

Practised for thousands of years in the East and similar to Tai Chi, it is a journey and discovery in awareness of embodied movement and coordinating breathing with slow mindful movements that enhance the flow of chi (breath, energy and vitality/life-force) in the body, mind and spirit, to open the joints and connective tissues so energy can flow more easily and blocked or stagnated energy is released.

Each one hour class will explore some gentle warm up, stretching movements and practise learning a specific set of sequences  (called “the form”) for each of the seasons and their associated elements.

Classes will include loosening and opening exercises, in particular stretches such as the ‘Eight Brocades’ set (Baduanjin), (which can be appreciated as the foundation for all the other qi gong movement forms).

Sessions are free for the general public.

Your tutors each have many years experience in martial arts, traditional and complementary healing and eastern meditation, including a qualified mindfulness based self compassion teacher, zen monk, a masters degree in neuroscience of mindfulness.

The classes are completely free of charge.

To book and for more info contact:

Isabelle: 07754 262614

Dan email: mscdan@icloud.com

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