Teenage Brain Weekend

Events Committee Chair, Tim Vilasamani Kirkpatrick, on a new event for Primrose Hill Community Association

When I took on running the newly formed PHCA Events Committee this time last year, I was asked to create an expanded mix of fundraising and community benefit events. As far as the latter, since I was a psychiatric social worker and am married to an NHS psychiatrist, it is perhaps no surprise that I was keen that we put on something during the annual Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Why the Teenage Brain?

Being a teenager has, of course, never been easy. Interestingly, there are very particular differences in brain development at this time in our lives which go a long way to account for this, and knowing what these are can help adults to make sense of teenage behaviour. But there is also a feeling that young people’s mental heath is jeopardy with the extra pressures of the 21st century. So Doro Marden and I have drawn together some locals to share their knowledge and understandings with us on Saturday, then on Sunday teenagers from Haverstock School will be debating, rapping and public speaking (with Andrew Marr chairing). The weekend could also be an opportunity to consider how the PHCA  and wider community can support our young people’s mental health.

All are welcome to drop-in to any or all sessions.

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All are welcome to drop-in for any or all sessions. Please do pass details on to any local teenagers, parents of teenagers and others who might be interested.

We are aiming to offer refreshments, so if any would like to make a cake, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Enquiries : [email protected]

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