Primrose Hill & Camden Town Ward Changes

Dear All

You may not have heard it but the boundary commission want to change our ward by

separating Primrose Hill from Camden Town and move it into a proposed new ward called ‘Adelaide & Primrose Hill’ stretching to the north and west across to Swiss Cottage which breaks up historical ties of over a century.

We love our ward and are privileged to represent the communities of Primrose Hill and Camden Town, if you feel the same way please email or write to the Boundary commission –details below. The closing date is 11th November for comments

These are the relevant facts please feel free to include them in your comments

From 1900 to 1965 Primrose Hill was part of Ward 4 of the Metropolitan Borough of St Pancras which linked it to Camden Town west of the High Street and Chalk Farm Road, From 1965-2002 it was part of the Chalk Farm ward of Camden which also included parts of Camden Town (west of the High Street and Chalk Farm Road). The current ward boundaries were established in 2002 so Primrose Hill has now been linked electorally with parts of Camden Town since 1900. Going back even further, Primrose Hill and Camden Town were both parts of the parish of St Pancras served by the St Pancras Vestry on which George Bernard Shaw was a vestryman. The Regents Canal has linked Primrose Hill with Camden Town since 1820.

The only public transport link (the 274 bus) links Primrose Hill with Camden Town and that is where most of the inhabitants of Primrose Hill do their main weekly shop. Primrose Hill residents use the entertainment and cultural facilities of Camden Town including the Jewish Museum, cinemas and a plethora of music venues. Many Camden Town school students attend Primrose Hill school and many Primrose Hill school students attend schools in Camden Town notably Hawley, Holy Trinity, Our Lady’s and the Cavendish School

Primrose Hill’s road transport links are also with Camden Town, notably Prince Albert Road, Regents Park Road and Gloucester Avenue and the two communities are bound together in opposition to the environmental damage caused by HS2.

The proposed new ward crosses the west Coast mainline railway which is a natural boundary separating Primrose Hill from the communities to its north i.e. Adelaide Rd and Swiss Cottage.

The canal is an important link between the two areas.

Primrose Hill Community Library, one of the most successful community libraries in the country was originally Chalk Farm library. Its future has been assured by the use of Community Investment levy monies which have largely been generated in Camden Town. This could not have happened if Primrose Hill had been situated in the proposed new ward which has far fewer developments.

The nearest cinema is in Parkway, Camden Town accessed by the 274 bus

Camden Town and Primrose Hill are extricably linked by ties of history, geography and natural communities

We can defeat these proposals providing a lot of local people write to the Local Government Boundary Commission with their objections and do so by the closing date of 11th November. You can do so by emailing to [email protected] or by post to:

Review Officer (Camden)
The Local Government Boundary Commission
st Floor
Windsor House
50, Victoria Street,
London SW1H 0TL

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Richard Cotton
Cllr Pat Callaghan
Cllr Lazzaro Pietragnoli

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