Obituary – Sarah Huddart (nee Bain)

We received the following sad news recently from Charles Huddart:

“After a short Illness my wife Sarah passed away at 9:30pm on Tuesday 10th August.
Prior to becoming my wife was an active member of PHCA and the PHCA amateur dramatics troupe during the early 1990’s. Even after Sarah married me and moved to Cumbria she maintained contact with PHCA until SUE (the manager of that era) retired. I spent several hours helping with the Summer Garden feat’s, the annual Primrose Hill fireworks event of that era.
Charles Huddart (Husband)

Sarah’s funeral will be on 2pm Friday Sep 10th , St Mary’s Chruch, Tadley, Hants.

Last Updated on 31st August 2021 by Mick Hudspeth