A message from the Events Committee

It’s not an easy time to be an Events organiser at the moment with our chances to come together in numbers so circumscribed. We have had to postpone our planned September Fashion Show in partnership with Mary’s Living and Giving, and probably our autumn Village Disco in November. 

The View from the Hill

However, we have come up with a new monthly talks initiative which we are calling The View from The Hill, and which we hope will prove a place for us to meet (initially online, but eventually in house). It’s essentially a reboot of the old Tuesday Talks, and will have a similarly wide ranging gambit of topics and presenters. We are looking to address matters of both local and global import in an inclusive way, with an emphasis on community wellbeing and cohesion as well as the old Reithian aim to inform, educate and entertain.

These events are offered free of charge, but we will invite donations to Primrose Hill Community Association pockets allow. Do contact us if you have an idea for a local who has a story to tell, or a perspective to bring. We are open to a range of formats eg presentations, interviews or panels, and topics. Please contact Tim Kirkpatrick via [email protected].

The Finance Curse

Our first instalment of our event series is the The Finance Curse taking place Thursday 16 September at 8pm

Investigative writer Nick Shaxson in conversation with local journalist Stephen Robinson, addressing the way the finance system has changed over the past 40 years, and how this negatively impacts our national, global and local economy.

Find out more about The Finance Curse talk here

Please support us by sharing on yours where appropriate, and by registering for the event via the PHCA website if you would like to attend.

With very best wishes
Tim Kirkpatrick and Doro Marden on behalf of The Events Committee

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